Reserve Wheelbuilder Gordo Interview

Reserve Wheelbuilder Gordo Interview

It's been said (about a hundred times by us) that building wheels is an art form. An instrumentalist view of the artistic endeavor will tell you that good art should communicate a message. In the case of a well-built wheel, the message is "send it dudes". The most recently apprenticed artist on the team is Gordo. Though still learning, Gordo is tackling the craft at an impressive clip with a healthy respect for the process. Despite not having a ton of wheels under his belt (many of them training wheels), he's resolutely on the trail that leads toward mastery of the vocation.


We checked in with Gordo to get his take on wheel building, a bit of his backstory, and to see what he gets up to when off the clock, other than chugging box wine on a mountaintop. 


Q: What’s your hometown?

A: La Selva Beach, California 

Do you have a nickname? If yes, how’d you get it? If not, make one up that suits your character. 

Gordo, Gordito crunch wrap supreme, Greedo, Mark. I go by just about everything but my first name haha.

How long have you been at Reserve? 

A little over 6 months now, I'm the rookie of the crew.

How long have you been riding? 

Off and on my whole life but I started seriously riding about 4 years ago.

How long have you been building wheels? 

I built my first wheel 2 months into working here. Proudest day of my life.

How many wheels do you estimate you’ve built since you’ve been at Reserve? 

Pick a number between 100-500. 

What brought you to wheel building? 

I love getting my mitts into somewhat tedious and detail oriented work, building wheels seemed like the perfect fit after wrapping bicycles for a while.

Would you rather build a wheel by machine or by hand? 

Controversial choice but machine built! Mostly because I'm still learning to use the machines and practicing for my level 2 wheel builder test.

Tell us something about wheel building that most people wouldn’t know. 

Building a bicycle wheel truly is an art form. Everyone has their own techniques and patterns to achieve a straight, strong wheel. Whatever works for you is the right way and I really appreciate that.

What kind of riding do you typically do? Mountain, Gravel or Road? 

As long as I'm pedaling I'm happy.

What is your favorite trail or favorite place to ride? 

Fort Ord National Monument is a hidden gem.

Garage-check, what are you currently riding? Which wheels? Who built them? 

I only ride my e-bike (yeah I know) and it's on a Reserve DH with a 350 hub built by the master wheel magician Juan Chavez.

What do you do when you are not building wheels? 

Cruising in my truck with my Lady.

Rapid Fire

Beer, wine, cocktail or seltzer? 


SRAM or Shimano? 

Both at the same time.

Coffee, Tea or Red Bull? 


Thick or thin grips? 

BMX grips.

Burrito or hamburger or pizza? 

Burrito = life.

RockShox or Fox?


Seinfeld, Friends or Rick & Morty? 

SEINFELD (I love you Elaine).

I9 or DT Swiss? 


Puppies or kittens? 

Both at the same time. 

Describe your perfect day. 

Riding some steep dusty shoots with my buds followed by burritos of the sea and 90 day fiance with my girlfriend.

What is your special power? 


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