Reserve East Coast Wheel Testing with Neko Mulally

Reserve East Coast Wheel Testing with Neko Mulally

Maybe it’s just in our DNA, but we love making Reserve rims better. Whether it's smashing a World Cup downhill track or exploring high alpine singletrack, our goal is to make wheels that exceed your needs and priorities as a rider. Speaking of smashing, we recently conducted an off-season wheel test with Frameworks’ Neko Mulally at one of his home tracks in Massanutten, Virginia.

Check out the gallery from our trip.

Massanutten is ROCKY! Check out those fall colors though.

There is a line in there somewhere...Reserve lead engineer and designer Nic McCrae scopes out the lines with Neko and head Reserve ride tester Kiran MacKinnon.
Not a bad place to spend a few days riding bikes.
Stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks...
No lack of sharp pointy ones in Massanutten. 
The limo up to the top.
The literal heart of Reserve wheels, our man Nic McCrae is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Kiran: pushing the pace and TRYING to make rim-killing mistakes.
"Aim for the sharp rock next to the flag."
Notice anything different going on here?
Pro mechanic Virginia style.
This is what success looks like when you are testing wheels.
Our photo man Mike Thomas with the goods!
Somewhere there is a poem about this kind of nature. 
We out!
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