At Reserve, we’re riders and fastidious tinkerers, and are always searching for the right balance of wheel components to assemble to perfect balance of ingredients to help bring your ride to life. Whether it's smashing a World Cup downhill track, exploring a high alpine singletrack to diving into a 90° corner at a local criterium, or climbing to mountain top victories in the Tour de France, Reserve and its team of engineers are thinking about your wheelset needs and priorities as a rider.

Race Heritage

Reserve’s team has decades of experience in composites engineering, aerodynamics, and high-performance bicycle design, and we approach every rim we make with a specific problem to solve and a race to win. From the Santa Cruz Syndicate to Team Jumbo-Visma, our wheels are tested and approved at the highest levels of competition.

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Pay It Forward

PayDirt is about supporting the communities and organizations near and dear to us and Reserve is proud to be a part of it. The program currently helps fund 36 projects across 7 different countries, and these numbers are growing every year. Today, we promise to donate even more to this cause and welcome anyone and everyone to join us for the ride.

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Reserve isn’t just marketing hype. Reserve’s team has decades of experience in composites engineering, aerodynamics, and high-performance bicycle design, and we approach every rim we make with a specific problem to solve. We believe our solutions speak for themselves.  So, go ahead, guinea pig that gap or take that flyer off the front. You’re never going to excel by embracing the status quo, and that mirrors our ethos and the approach we take day in and day out with our wheelsets.

Reserve’s research and development team has decades of education and experience in composite engineering, aerodynamics, and high-performance bicycle design under their belts for the sole purpose of delivering a magical ride experience to you. We did all of this so that you don’t need an advanced engineering degree to toss a leg over your bike and head for a ride. 

We’re riders first and foremost and know being stranded on a trail or roadside is the best way to deflate your day. Decades of development of those magical black carbon threads have brought us to where we are today. We know what strength and impact resistance means for a mountain bike and a mountain bike wheel, and we have spent countless hours experimenting and refining how CFD and wind tunnel testing translate into real world road riding.

So, don’t worry about your wheels and get out there and smash, shred and flow. Should anything ever happen, Reserve has got you covered with our ‘No Missed Rides’ lifetime guarantee.

Turbulent Aero Tech

What’s turbulent aero technology? Great question. It’s Reserve’s technology that truly and accurately replicates in the wind tunnel the kind of wind conditions you experience day in and day out on your local routes with shifting winds, changes in direction, and alternating velocities to create the fastest and most stable wheelset for riders… in real world conditions.

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Mapping Real World Wind Conditions

For two years, we traveled the US, mapping different types of wind conditions, and then used this data to replicate real world conditions in the wind tunnel. All this work culminated in the creation of the first wheelset designed with Turbulent Aero technology..

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Team Jumbo-Visma Tested and Approved

Perhaps the biggest step in the development of Reserve wheels has been as a result of our partnership with undoubtedly the best race team in the Pro Tour peloton. We are proud to have stars like Jonas Vingegaard and Wout van Aert proving Turbulent Aero Technology at the highest levels of competition.

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At Reserve, we focus on building the most durable and high-performance wheels, ensuring that riders can just focus on enjoying riding their bikes. One of the most important aspects of this happens in our test lab in Santa Cruz, California.

Form, Fit and Function

In the end, our goal is to produce the highest performance and most hassle free wheelsets on the market. We wan tensure that the final product lives up to our promise of being the best wheel brand on the planet.

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We appreciate your reading about Reserve wheels and thank you for showing an interest in the things we do and the products we make.