CNCPT Team Alonso Tal's Cervelo Aspero Bike Check

CNCPT Team Alonso Tal's Cervelo Aspero Bike Check

Alonso Tal is one of the founders of the CNCPT Team and his eye for design and photography play a big role in the CNCPT Team’s aesthetic. But Alonso also competes side by side with the rest of the team, one minute skidding track bikes, the next moment swapping a skinsuit for a camera to create art for the team & other projects.

He was recently up in our neck of the woods to compete in the Rapha Prestige event, a 170 kilometer road and gravel terrain that made its way from the idyllic roadways curving along the Pacific Ocean to dramatic singletrack woven through the redwoods. A long day in the saddle for all (upwards of 10 hours depending on your pace), the day was a mixed bag of both terrain and weather. It was a day that made bike set up all that more important. Here is Alonso’s bike check from the day.

Q: Which frame are you riding, which size and why? How tall are you?

A: My self and the rest of the CNCPT Team are riding the Áspero-5 from Cervelo, I’m 5’10 and ride a 54CM, it’s the most capable GX bike I’ll experience. Some of the stuff I’ve ridden so far can be considered XC trails.


Q: Which tires are you running, which pressures and why?

A: I’m currently rolling the Panaracer GravelKing SK Tire 700c x 35mm, on the road, I start with 40psi but as the day progress muddy single track I took it down 30psi.


Q: Which crank length are you running and why?  

A: My crank length is 172.5 on the Easton 2x 90 SL, with 46/36 11 speed cassette. After doing this Rapha ride, I am seriously considering putting on a 34t.  Outside of it being a common crank size I like having consistency across all my bikes.


Q: Which width handlebar and stem? 

A: 42/ 110mm - The team over at Cervelo really   Dialed the cockpit with no visible wire. 


Q: Favorite bar tape? Any special wrapping?

A: I’ve been riding the Cervelo stock tape for a while but this ride the time has come to replace it.


Q: Which wheels are you running and why?

A: I’m riding the Reserve 35|35, living in the city I wanted something fast on the road and durable on the local trails. You know aerodynamic advantages with rock gravel capability. 


Q: What is the weight of your complete bike?

A: 20 pounds, gave or take. 


Q: Any special setup tips for long days in the saddle?

A: Are usually add a handlebar bag for feed, after 40miles into a century I try and eat something every 40-60mins even if I don’t have the appetite for it. I also double up Dino plugs and CO2 and even voilestrap a tube on the frame better safe than sorry. Also drop  route into your computer is clutch.

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