Keegan Swenson's Leadville 100 Winning Highball

Keegan Swenson's Leadville 100 Winning Highball

Keegan Swenson was the dominant player on the US cross-country circuit last year, especially at the inaugural Life Time Grand Prix Series. Swenson won four of the six races and finished second and third at the races he did not win. Perhaps the biggest series victory came aboard a Santa Cruz Highball at the Leadville 100. Arguably one of the hardest mountain bike races in the US, the Leadville 100 starts at 10,152 feet and climbs up to just over 14,200 feet. Winning it, of course, requires stellar fitness and the ability to withstand some extreme suffering, but it's also the type of event where having the right equipment for the job can make the day just that much easier. 

Take a look at Swenson's bike set up from the event. 

Swenson rode a medium size Santa Cruz Highball with Reserve 28|XC wheels.  

The Leadville 100 has its share of open fire-roads and even some pavement, so Swenson erred on the side of fast, running short-knob Maxxis Aspen ST tires front and rear.

Getting aero isn't just for triathlon riders; Swenson ran a set of SQLabs Innerbarends on his flat bar Highball.

Is that a fairing or a number plate, or a bit of both?

It may not look like a big chainring, but that's a 38t on 170mm cranks. In the race, he actually opted for road shoes and pedals.

Swenson ran a 100mm-travel RockShox SID Ultimate with remote handlebar-activated lockout.

Proper praise for high-posting it.

This is what it looks like when everything goes right and your equipment works to perfection.

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