Team Jumbo Visma Training Camp

Team Jumbo Visma Training Camp

Reserve announced its 2023 sponsorship of the Jumbo Visma Pro Tour team in September, but we didn’t wait until the New Year to get started supporting the team. Back in December, Reserve attended the off-season training camp with Team JV in Denia, Spain, with the goal to gather as much Turbulent Aero data as possible.

Outfitted in Jumbo Visma Team colors, our Turbulent Aero data acquisition scooter spent four days following the riders and gathering valuable information to use for future wheel development.


The biggest name in Pro Tour cycling gets ready for a big day in the saddle.

As always, Wout looking relaxed and ready to pounce.

The camp is an opportunity to log miles and meet new team members in a relaxed environment.

Located on the Mediterranean Sea in the South of Spain, the terrain and conditions around Denia varied widely, providing the perfect backdrop to collecting wind condition data.

It takes a lot of wheels, upwards of 500 wheelsets a year, in order to keep all of the team bikes rolling. 

The team's move to tubeless (versus tubulars in 2022) means the addition of Fillmore valves to all of the wheels.

While we have done Turbulent Aero testing with small groups of riders, the team camp was our first opportunity to collect data in bigger groups and at higher speeds.

The life of a pro roadie is perhaps not as glamorous as it seems. Every day it was up with the sun and in the saddle. 

The entire team at the end of a long day on Spanish roads. The Reserve engineering team consists of Steel Wisdom, Nic McCrae and Joe Doty, from reader's left to right.

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