Why Reserve 30|SL Carbon: The 30|SL are the perfect mix of stiffness and lightweight, providing the right amount of vertical compliance and lateral stiffness for the trail bike riding I do around my hometown in Santa Cruz, California.

Joel Smith: 30SL

The Marketing Speak: At just under 1750 grams, the Reserve 30|SL is one of the lightest trail-ready wheelsets on the market, with no rider weight limit and our uncompromising lifetime guarantee. The Reserve 30|SL wheelset is built for you and the way you ride: balanced and responsive to go the distance, delivering uncompromised, untethered trail riding nirvana. 27.5" rim for use with MX wheelsets now available.

The Details

  • Bike: 2023 GT Sensor Carbon, Custom Build, 150mm Front, 140mm Rear
  • Wheels: 30|SL 29 with Industry Nine Solix Classic Hubs
  • Use: Trail riding on 150mm or less travel bike.
  • Terrain: Semi rough singletrack trails in Santa Cruz, California.
  • Key Attribute: Great stiffness for the weight.
  • Alternative Wheelset: If you are looking for a stiffer wheelset for more aggressive riding or rougher terrain, opt for the 30|HD carbon wheelset.

What Joel Likes

I like the feel of the wheels when things get rough. It's the right amount of vertical compliance combined with enough lateral rigidity that you don't feel the wheels moving around underneath when cornering hard. They also find the perfect balance between weight and stiffness.

About Joel

Joel Smith is the Reserve brand leader, in charge of all things related to Reserve. A lifelong member of the bike industry, Joel has worked at Reserve a little under four years. Joel typically rides 5 days a week on his home trails in Santa Cruz, CA.